uLikeKorea introduces Korea’s first blockchain-based farm management

uLikeKorea contributes to safer food production and improves the usage of bio-data, AI and blockchain platform in the FoodTech industry.

Livecare Blockchain Farm CEO Heejin Kim / Courtesy of uLikeKorea

uLikeKorea announced on July 30 that it introduces Korea’s first blockchain-based farm management where the status and history of livestock animal’s health would be managed with blockchain technology; with transparent health management process. 

Pesticide eggs, African Swine Flu Infection, etc. are just some of the recent food product controversies consumers have seen in the media. Midst of these controversies, uLikeKorea, a smart farm technology company, introduced a blockchain platform based technology where livestock food products can be traced with traced. 

Heejin Kim, CEO of uLikeKorea, stated that uLikeKorea has opened the first blockchain based managed hanwoo (Korean domestic beef) farm (located in Hwasung city, Gyeonggi province) to formally enter the global FoodTech market. 

Kim stated “despite the global pandemic, the demand for safer food is increasing” and this trend prompted us to open the first “blockchain Livecare farm.” Kim further stated “our goal is to use the Livecare technologies and services and apply them in the various stages of livestock management including slaughtering, processing and delivery process where consumers have access to full history in each process via our platform.” 

As the interest in healthy food continues to grow, countries in Europe with advanced livestock management technologies, have preferred transparent food information through the Clean Label program. Such emphasis on transparent food labeling indicates increased awareness by the consumers and the demand for such transparency. 


Opening ceremony of Livecare Blockchain Farm / Courtesy of uLikeKorea

Global tech companies such as IBM has used blockchain technology to create Food Trust system to be applied to food manufacturer, delivery and wholesalers to confirm the history and safety of the food that the consumers are buying. 

In accordance with such trend and to continue to contribute to creating a safer livestock food product system, uLikeKorea opened its first blockchain managed Hanwoo farm with plans to expand the number of farms to 500, managing 100,000 beef cattle by year 2022. In addition, uLikeKorea plans to use the encryption technology to manage the health history of the livestock and also create a healthy cow certification system. 

The beef cattle farm operated by uLikeKorea uses Livecare bio-capsule to manage diseases such as bloated stomach syndrome, indigestion by detecting the symptoms of these diseases early on to avoid cattle health to be impacted by more serious issues. 

Kim stated “the orally ingestible capsules allow stable data collection and the data is then sent safely through the blockchain server. Furthermore, unlike the external devices available in the market, our system cannot be altered or manipulated which allows transparent and accurate data for cattle health management.” 

Meanwhile, it is expected that the Global FoodTech Market would grow to be a 320 billion USD industry by 2027. The biometric data owned by uLikeKorea, along with AI and sensor technology developed by uLikeKorea, are expected to make significant contributions to the FoodTech industry and allow consumers to have access to safer food products.

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