8 Mind-Blowing Films About Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular with every day, and one of the best ways to see this is by the increasing number of movies and TV shows which have cryptocurrencies as part of the plot. Popular culture has taken to crypto in a big way, while there are also quite a few educational and informational documentaries and movies being made which are going a long way towards giving people more information about this growing trend. This is increasingly important, since various companies and organisations have begun to incorporate crypto into their offerings, and this is true across sectors.

One example of this is being seen in the online gambling sector, where there are multiple websites that offer users the option of placing bets through cryptocurrencies. These sites are also making it a point to educate users, by creating a bitcoin gambling blog to give them all the necessary information before they begin using crypto for betting and gambling. Thus, these movies and documentaries are also similarly important since they are helping to educate people about this new phenomenon which will have a big part to play in the future.

Here are some of the best films, documentaries and TV shorts to watch if you are interested in crypto.

Banking On Bitcoin (2016)

This is a 90-minute documentary, directed by Christopher Cannucciari, which is a great option for those who want to know all about the creation of Bitcoin and the reasons behind it. It looks at all over the major milestones and developments in Bitcoin since its creation in 2008 up until the film’s release, and also looks at the case of Charlie Shrem, among others, who was apprehended on money laundering charges following the collapse of the extremely popular crypto platform Silk Road.

Crypto (2019)

Crypto is one of the few movies based on cryptocurrencies that is not a documentary – this is a crime thriller that has cryptocurrencies at the centre of its plot. With the likes of Kurt Russell, Beau Knapp and Luke Hemsworth in the cast, this is a great watch if you like this genre of movies and are interested in crypto as well.

Crypto Rush (2020)

Directed by Liliana Pertenava, Crypto Rush is a documentary that does a great job of simplifying and explaining cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Trust Machine: The Story Of Blockchain (2018)

It is extremely important that people understand how blockchain works if they want to get a grip on cryptocurrencies, since blockchain is the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies. This documentary, produced by Alex Winter, does a great job of explaining how blockchain networks function, and therefore how cryptocurrencies work as well.

The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin (2014)

As the name suggests, this documentary looks at Bitcoin’s rise from an unknown online token to the biggest phenomenon in the world of technology and finance. It also introduces the broad concept of digital currencies, as well as decentralised finance (DeFi) and blockchain.

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchain And The Future Of The Internet (2020)

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Thorsten Hoffman, this is his second venture into the world of crypto, and this documentary looks at the evolution of blockchain, along with its potential to affect industries across a wide variety of sectors, as well as the issues and challenges pertaining to this.

Monero Means Money: Cryptocurrency 101, Live From Leipzig

Monero is a fungible crypto token, which is the subject of this documentary by Justin Ehrenhofer. An explanation of how Monero works is provided by Dr. Daniel Kim, a cryptocurrency expert, while he also explains how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can have a big impact on economies all over the world.

Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency

The Netflix Explained series does a great job of providing an excellent overview of the various topics it covers, and that is the case for cryptocurrencies as well. A 14-minute episode has enough information for anyone with no idea about cryptocurrencies to walk away with a basic sense of how crypto works and the potential it has to change our economic systems in the future.