WordPress enables ad revenue in Ethereum (ETH)

WordPress has now enabled a new plugin on its platform that enables content publishers to run Ethereum Ads on their space. The new plugin will now allow WordPress site owners to auction their advertisement space for Ethereum-based Ads.

The WordPress plugin is called ‘EthereumAds’, and the plan is to compete favorably with Google’s Adsense, which is the leading Ad monetization program in the world.

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According to the EthereumAds auction process, the content publishers will be integrating the Ad widget to the WordPress website. It will be automatically auctioned to the highest bidder for up two weeks.

Earning Commissions in Ethereum

The developers of the new plugin revealed that the content developers will have an Ethereum (ETH) wallet to receive their earnings from such Ads WordPress already has lots of cryptocurrency extensions, including price tickers and payment buttons. These extensions will enable content publishers to use the new Ad plugin and features to maximize their monetization potential, according to the plugin developers.

EthereumAds is open-source software that enables publishers to earn Ethereum through banner ads. It’s similar to the usual way of earning fiat currency through banner ads. But this time, the publisher is paid in Ethereum cryptocurrency to their Ethereum wallet.

Publishers Can Add A Widget To Monetize Content

The official plugin description states that publishers can now monetize their content by adding the widget to their WordPress site. After the publisher has added the widget, their Ad space will be auctioned. The platform’s open bidding market will continually and automatically connect the right Ads for the publishers, which will enable them to earn more money from the auctioning program.

According to the EthereumAds website, EthereumAds wants to offer lower commissions to Ad publishers in a bid to compete favorably with Google’s Adsense.

 “Google Adsense only pays you 68% of your ad earnings. We on the other hand pay you a whopping 90%,” the website stated.

Cryptocurrencies and WordPress

WordPress had a mixed relationship with cryptocurrencies. In 2012, the platform was the first to accept cryptocurrencies. However, it stopped accepting Bitcoin as a payment method in 2016 due to an increase in transaction fees.

But the launch of the EthereumAd shows the readiness to make cryptocurrency as a payment method for services, which is good news for the crypto community.