Verofax and Auri partner on blockchain traceability app | Apparel Industry News

Blockchain provider Verofax Asia has teamed with Malaysian lifestyle brand Auri to develop a traceability app to validate brand claims and increase engagement with consumers.

Through its online store, Auri offers a wide selection of ethically sourced products aligned with its sustainable business practices. Participating brands and suppliers will stand to benefit from greater trust and confidence and be able to validate claims using the Verofax App, powered by AntChain Traceability as a Service (TaaS).

The app will enable all suppliers selling via Auri to serialise each item, upload supporting sustainability and environmental certificates, and enable consumers to validate their claims recorded onto Antchain’s immutable blockchain ledger. In addition, apparel, garment and lifestyle product suppliers will be able to engage users with relevant content on ethical sourcing, environmental impact and community support programmes.

Suppliers validated on the app will also be able to meet compliance regulations such as ‘PRC eCommerce Law’ and other consumer protection laws so that they can access new global markets.

Capt. Koh Chen Tien, executive chairman, Verofax Asia, said: Traceability plays a key role in meeting shopper needs, in advanced product marketing and accessing global markets. Fashion and lifestyle brand owners will benefit from increased sales and fewer negative reviews/returns. Verofax offers enterprise complete privacy and control over sharing data, while automating operations and reducing operational costs.”

Wassim Merheby, CEO of Verofax, added: “Trust in sustainable brands, is top of mind for young shoppers and will transform the way brands succeed. Sustainable asset tracing will accelerate ASEAN suppliers growth and create opportunities through access to global markets.”