Sports Betting Deposits With Quickbit, Quickbit Litecoin Sports Bet Funding

Same-Day Litecoin Payouts With Quickbit Deposits

Offshore sportsbooks have only one basic “weakness” compared to domestic options (in those states with legal sports betting laws on the books), and it has to do with the time it typically takes members to receive their withdrawals.

With most bet funding options, payouts take about 2-5 days on average, depending on the method you choose. However, cryptocurrency changes all that. Because crypto betting payouts are disbursed immediately and don’t have to go through any banks, you can receive same-day payouts from legal online betting sites operating internationally.

This, even more than the bigger bonuses crypto earns its users at the top Internet sportsbooks, is the primary reason to use Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other altcoin solutions. Remember, Quickbit deposits are technically Litecoin deposits, so same-day payouts are in play!

Just one thing: To receive same-day payouts after depositing with Quickbit, you cannot be paid through the Quickbit service. You will be paid out in the Litecoin cryptocurrency and will need a Litecoin wallet (see FAQs below for more information).