Ripple seeks to help central banks issue digital currencies

Ripple, the company behind XRP cryptocurrency, published a job advertisement seeking a specialist in central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

The publication was made on the recruitment portal, which specifically shows the offer of a Director of Alliances with Central Banks, in charge of promoting initiatives that lead banks to issue their own national digital currencies.

The idea is to advise banks with this objective, for whose realization it is promotes the use of XRP Ledger, Ripple’s platform for real-time wire transfers.

«The mission of RippleX (development team) is to inspire and enable the community of developers and institutions affiliated to XRP, to be able to collectively build the Internet of Value (IoV), which allows us to transfer value as fast as information it moves today ”, can be read in the ad.

For a position that requires strong leadership skills, among the main responsibilities are the development of business strategies, marketing and adaptation to legislation. Should be establish good relationships with central banks, regulators, technological allies and other institutions; manage projects from start to finish and manage necessary resources.

In addition, effective communication must be maintained to educate clients about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and CBDC. This educational work involves being a regular speaker at conferences, offering statements to the press, publishing on the web and on social networks.

Ripple anticipates the attraction of banks to digital currencies

Although many companies specializing in cryptocurrencies have long wanted to develop banking-oriented projects, it is recent that central banks are turning their eyes to this industry with a view to issuing their own digital currencies.

Ripple is aware of this new trend. Last September, in a publication related to CBDCs, Ripple emphasized interoperability as an ideal requirement for central banks around the world.

The post mentions RippleNet in response to this need, which, it should be said, seemed to be accentuated by the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the world economy.

The obsolescence of central banks and other financial services is pointed out by various opinions as causing people to be more attracted to cryptocurrencies, but at the same time, they consider that the participation of traditional institutions will also inspire confidence in many other users.

As we reported in CriptoNoticias, last August, the CEO of Ripple assured that this company “is the Amazon of banks”, in reference to the growth potential that could arise in the coming years for the company.

At that time, it became known of the launch of the XRP Pay platform, which is aimed at individual users and works in parallel with the services that Ripple provides to banks.

Although it has been questioned whether Ripple has truly been successful in providing its services to banks, perhaps the intentions to issue CBDCs and national currencies present new opportunities for this company and the ecosystem in general.