Weiss: Monero May Lose His Throne Soon

According to Weiss Ratings, Monero may soon lose his throne against Zcash (ZEC). Cryptocurrency rating company Weiss Ratings said that privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) may lose its throne against another privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

Stating that users who care about privacy have started learning Zcash and interest in cryptocurrency has increased, Weiss Rating stressed that there will be a big change soon. Zcash’s new Heartwood update may have triggered Monero’s loss. Thanks to the Heartwood update, all obstacles for the integration of third parties have been removed and a more solid privacy has been created.

Can Pass Zcash Monero

The halving event that will take place in Zcash in November can attract investors not only to privacy but also to investment in ZEC. It is known that one of the main features of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is privacy. However, thanks to increased tracking mechanisms, many Bitcoin transactions can be easily tracked by directing investors to additional privacy currencies. Although Monero is the best privacy-focused cryptocurrency with total market cap, Zcash can cause this to change. In addition, Monero has suffered a serious drop in the top 10 recently and fell to 15th place.